What To Wear For Paintball?

What to Wear for Paintball

What to wear for paintball? You will find it funny if you took a corner seat and watched how ambitious players walk in looking like. Some heavily dressed, others in shorts and shirts, yet others in the recommended training gear for paintball.

So, what really is the right outfit for paintball? There is no exact best fit for paintball, as, by the end of the day, all that matters is your comfort and convenience. Nevertheless, here’s a simplified guide on the basics:

What To Wear For Paintball

Protective Gear

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of paintballs is protective gear. But paintballs don’t hurt? Yes, they do, and you will feel the sting quite well. Actually, paintballs can cause permanent damage to not just your eyes but also your ears.

Paintball Mask

This being the case, you will need a paintball mask, which, luckily, protects you at a 360-degree angle. This means that your whole head will be covered, keeping you safe.

Spare Lens for Emergency

As for clear eyesight, the mask has eye-lenses, which you should actually carry in extras. Once your lenses fog, you will not see and may have to leave the game. However, if you have spare lenses, you will just have a quick change.

Moreover, paintball is a game full of ducking, crawling, and even falling. Therefore, you will need both knee and ankle pads if you want to avoid bruises and cuts.

A Beanie/ Bandana/ Sweatband

A beanie? Yes, you will need a beanie, a bandana, or a sweatband over your head, to wear under the mask. While the inner clothing keeps the mask in place, you get other benefits as well.

  • Firstly, you will have your hair put in place and not threatening to blur your vision.
  • Secondly, the sweatband, beanie, or bandana will keep sweat off your eyes, hence keeping you focused.

If you are playing in a cold winter season, the clothing will help keep your ears and head safe from the biting cold.

Paintball Gloves

Most aspiring players don’t seem to consider gloves as part of the paintball sports outfit. However, a single shot on your palm or the knuckles will get you out of the game, all numb.

When looking for paintball gloves, always go for lighter flexible gloves. Today, most players are considering mountain bike gloves, which leave the fingers free. Therefore, you will keep your hands safe while free to trigger a shot.


Consider what type of pants and shirts to wear to paintball. Nevertheless, you will eliminate some things even before embarking on the list.

These include:

  1. Shorts

  2. Sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts

  3. Jewelry

While points #1 and #2 expose your skin to paintball shorts, point #3 is not safe for the sport. Jewelry may cut or bruise you while trying to play flexibly.

Now, this means that you will wear long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts, and also pants. As for the pants, ensure that they are loose and flexible, such as those you wear when biking.

Paintball fields provide for protective armor, which covers the whole body from the neck. The collar is even padded for increased safety.

However, if you intend to play elsewhere, you can wear a hooded jumper on top of the shirt. It should cover the neck area and also provide added body protection.

Moreover, the clothing you choose needs to camouflage you, as you don’t want to lose the game even before you start.

Wait! Also, remember to wear old clothes that you would have no problem damaging. Even though paintball paint is soluble, the moves you take may cause cloth damage. For instance, crawling on grass and mud may give your clothes permanent discoloration.

Besides, you have no guarantee that the clothes will not be torn in the process.

Finally, consider the weather outdoors when going for the sport. If it is cold, you should be in warm clothing to prevent numbing, affecting your health and performance.

However, if it is sunny or during the summer season, wear light clothes, and avoid wearing several layers of clothes.


What Do I Wear to Paintball, So it Doesn’t Hurt?

Wear something hard, such as jeans or thick sporting pants, if you will not get the paintball armor. Also, always ensure that you have a hood on top of the shirt.

How Bad Does a Paintball Hurt on Bare Skin?

It hurts bad, but it will not cause harm to you unless it falls on your eyes or ears.

Can Paintball Kill You?

No, it can’t. Paintballs burst into the paint when they hit you, which will not penetrate your skin. So, it will not kill you.

Is Paintball Safe for 11 Years Old?

Regular paintballs are not safe for 11 years or anyone under 16 years. However, there are mini-paintballs and paintball guns, which shoot at less speed. Their impact is minimal and safe for the kids as well.

Wrapping Up

What to wear for paintball sports is basically what you already have, other than the paintball mask. If it is your first time and you are not sure of your passions, you should rent the mask to prevent spending on something you won’t like.

So, there you are, all equipped with the necessary gear for paintball playing.

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