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How To Play Paintball Like A Pro? Learn Step By Step

Do you want to know information on how to play a paintball game like a pro? When you imagine your first time on a paintball field, you always see yourself dodging and firing paintballs like Rambo. Actually, you want the perfect feeling of a real battlefield. And you are not alone, as this is normal for every other newbie player.

How to Play Paintball Game – Paintball for Beginners

Nevertheless, if you want to make this a reality, you have to grasp the tips and tactics on how to play paintball. Lucky for you, this is exactly what we prepared for you, so let’s get the show on the road;

how to play paintball like a pro

1. Familiarize with the Paintball Gear

First off, you need to familiarize yourself with all the paintball gear that you will be playing with and in. A newbie player should rent the gear so that you decide after a few games whether or not you like it in reality.

If you only liked it in fantasy but loath being in the field, at least you will not have wasted your money.

So, let’s go through the gear you will get in the paintball rental store;

  • Best Paintball Gun: The first in line is the paintball gun or marker. You will need the best paintball gun to host and fire paintballs from. Basically, it looks like a real gun; you will not need real bullets only this time.
  • Paintballs: Paintballs, as the name suggests, consist of paint enclosed in biodegradable capsules. They burst when they hit a target properly, releasing the paint.
  • Paintball Mask: There is no way that you will get into the paintball field without a helmet, regardless of your prowess in the game. The best paintball mask protects your head and face from painful paintball hits. Other than that, the paintballs are detrimental to the ears and eyes.
  • Paintball Armor: The paintball rental stores offer paintball armors, which you should have especially for your first sport. Usually, it is thick, so you have to wear lighter clothes underneath for flexibility. They also feature a padded collar, which protects your neck as well.
  • Safety Measurement: Before jumping into the game, you need safety tools & pieces of equipment. Learn more about what to wear to play a paintball.

2. Go for Trial Games

If you are looking forward to participating in a real paintball game, you can go for a trial before the main game. You can have a friend to train with, and one who can teach you the tactics in real life as well.

3. Don’t Fear Paintballs!

While it is obvious that you will get a good number of shots on your first time playing, you should not fear paintballs. They may be painful on bare skin, but are you not wearing the right armor. Sorry! Remember to wear gloves as well, as a hit on the knuckles can be damn painful.

After all, what is a good first paintball game if your clothes will not fill with paint? It’s the only way to learn to reduce too much of it the next time. In any case, as you were getting the paint, you also must be making successful fires.

4. Learn to Take Cover

Paintball games take place in fields full of obstacles that can help you hide. Take cover to prevent your opponent from easily spotting you.

However, don’t use this point to cover cowardice and fear of paintballs. You should take cover when the need is and make shots when an opportunity presents itself.

Always look out from your hideout for the enemy, and don’t think twice before aiming and shooting. The first point on trial games should help you learn to aim correctly.

If your opponent is too far, don’t waste your paintballs on them. However, you will know by identifying the maximum range for your paintball gun.

5. Use Sign Language

If you are playing in a team, remember to ask the coded language that the team should use. This will help you communicate consistently, as you should, without giving your moves to the opponents.

When on communication, ensure that you don’t talk much, especially when in cover. Voices will give your location over to the enemy, so always talk when you have to and when feeling safe.

6. Shout Jam when the Paintball Gun Jams!

If your paintball gun jams during the game, shout Jam! To prevent other players from aiming at you.

Also, be sure to shout out when in an elimination game if shot. An elimination game is whereby one loses after they’ve been shot. If you give other players a signal, shots should not be directed at you, and you will avoid looking like a scarecrow if you can.

What are the Paintball Rules?

The main rule in paintball games is that you should be safe. Wear a mask, protective clothes, gloves, and comfortable shoes. Secondly, hold your gun the right way at all times, never sideways or upside down. Finally, incorporate taking cover into your daring spirit!

How Long Do 100 Paintballs Last?

100 paintballs will last as long as you preserve them. Some players will manage the whole game with 100 paintballs or even less, firing only when necessary. On the contrary, some will use five times the number within a single game. Therefore, it will depend on the type of player you are.

Can You Play Paintball in the Rain?

Yes, you can. However, it will be messy, muddy, and slippery, which won’t be much fun. Besides, the rain will fog your vision, and aiming correctly is not a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

One thing you should keep in mind is confidence. It may be your first game, but you are an aspiring player, so resilience should be part of you. The best part about the game is that it only gives you shivers in your first round. If you play, more you will love and enjoy the game, and finally, your fantasy materializes.

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