How to Make a Paintball Gun at Home? (Explained for Beginners)

Paintball was always a cool game, but only in European countries. However, today it is among the top sports that everyone wants to give a try. With popularity comes a desire for a DIY (Do It Yourself) paintball gun.

It is true that current technology makes it possible to get anything from just about anywhere in the world. However, you may want to try out a gun you haven’t spent much on before embarking on a real gun. Besides, it’s a gun we are talking about, paintball or not!

Maybe having something that you made yourself could ease the tension?


how to make a paintball gun at home

What is a Paintball Gun Anyway?

A paintball gun, known among paintball experts as the marker, is basically an air gun that you use to shoot paintballs.  You use it in a paintball game, where you compete as a team or as an individual.

How Much Does a Paintball Gun Cost?

You can speedball guns under 200 which is as cheap as slightly over 50 bucks, while another will cost as much as 700 dollars. However, even the least expensive is expensive if you are unsure that you will love the game.

Therefore, you should rent a paintball gun at a paintball field for the first few times. Or, you can decide to make your paintball gun at home, just to test your skills and interest before you embrace a fastest shooting paintball gun.

Once you feel like you are ready to advance your skills and head to the field with your paintball gun, you can purchase one.

How Else Can I Use a Paintball Gun?

Other than playing in a paintball field, you can use a paintball gun to scare away stray bears or kill small pets such as squirrels and rats. Actually, it is now legal to scare bears away using paintball guns, so you don’t have to worry about getting into loggerheads with the wildlife service.

While the paintball gun is designed for use with paintballs, you can use other alternatives for different agendas and games. For instance, you may not kill the rats with paintballs, but you will use marble with the paintball gun.

However, note that it is illegal to use marble in a paintball gun, especially to aim at a person. Marble is lethal and an otherwise form of ammunition. You can consider water balls, pepper balls, or rubber balls, just as harmless as paintballs for exploration.

Procedure for Making Your Own Paintball Gun

Now, are you convinced that a DIY paintball gun is your best shot at relaxing your mind before getting a real gun? Or do you have an educational experiment where this procedure is important? Either way, here is an inexpensive and simple way to make your paintball gun:

What are the Requirements for Making Paintball Gun?

You will need the following:

  1. 1 water bottle with a wide mouth
  2. 1 grill lighter
  3. 1 hair spray
  4. A tube that you can fit a paintball in
  5. A masking tape
  6. Glue

Step 1: Make Relevant Holes on the Bottle

First off, open the water bottle and keep the lid aside so that the mouthpiece is left open. Then, check the tube circumference, and try to make a hole at the back of the bottle. The hole should at least bear the same measurements as the tube but don’t worry if it turns out larger. You can use glue to bridge the small gap. Remember that the hole should be at the center of the bottle.

Check to see that the grill lighter is working, whether the pipe is straight or folded. If so, you can make another hole at the back of the bottle, now placed at the side, adjacent to the center’s first hole.

The second hole should be smaller than the first because it should only fit the lighter’s flexible pipe.

Step 2: Fit In the Pipe and the Lighter

Fit in the pipe in the central hole, allowing it to barely reach the center of the bottle, just like in a paintball gun. If it is loose, fix it using glue to ensure that no air gets in and out through space.

Then, fit in the lighter pipe, then fold it so that the lighter is lying parallel to the water bottle. Already starting to see a gun design?

Use the glue to secure the light pipe into the bottle hole. Use masking tape or glue to fix the lighter to the water bottle as the final step.

Step 3: Bring in the Hair Spray

You will need the hairspray to act as the compressed air in the bottle. So, spray inside the bottle, and let’s work on fixing the hair spray bottle on the gun. Besides, you will need it constantly, hence need to fix it as part of the gun.

Using the glue, fix the spray lid on one side of the lighter, on the opposite side of the water bottle. Then, you can put the bottle lid back on the bottle, and the bottle will stick.

The bottle also works as a perfect trigger handle, with the lighter as the trigger.

Step 4: Try Out Your Homemade Paintball Gun

Finally, you can put paintballs into the gun using the pipe, and once they are inside the bottle, pull the lighter trigger. Genius idea? You are the genius, as you made the gun yourself!