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Can Paintball Guns Shoot Marble? A Definitive Guide

Can paintball guns shoot marble? Yes, they can. This is a question that paintball gun owners want to know, especially when adventure starts to crop in. while there are several considerations why a person would want to try out marble on a paintball gun, it is actually illegal.

Paintballs are quite harmless, and other than a small injury; they cannot really cause major harm. At least not when the shot individual is in protective clothing. Sadly, the same cannot be said of marble. Want to know why?

can paintball guns shoot marble

Reasons You Shouldn’t Shoot Marble with Paintball Guns

  • The main reason is obvious. best paintball guns are made to shoot paintballs and not marble. Unfortunately, the two are not the same, neither in outlook nor in composition.

On one side, paintballs are composed of paint enclosed in a soft biodegradable cover that will instantly break upon hitting any target. On the other hand, marble is made of aluminum, glass, steel, hard and spherical, which will not break even after hitting a target.

Therefore, while paintballs are on the harmless side, marbles are harmful and can be deadly. They can break into the paintball game mask and hit the eyes, causing grave eye damage. Moreover, when hit with marble continuously, it is hard to withstand.

Can you Shoot Marbles out of a Paintball Gun

Hence, marble cannot be used in a game, as it is essentially a form of real ammunition.

  • If you want to shoot marble using a paintball gun, you will have to get an exact sizing for your barrel structure, which will be difficult. If you get a larger size, it can damage the gun barrel or even get stuck inside the barrel.

Yet, a smaller size would cause the CO2 or compressed gas to bypass it rather than force it out.

  • Marble is quite heavy compared to paintballs, hence pointless to play with. After all, you can’t shoot it that far.
  • There is no way you will get permission to use marble in paintball fields instead of paintballs. On the contrary, it might attract negative results or an arrest.

Why You Should Consider Marbles in Paintball Guns

  • If you want to kill persistent pests such as rats and squirrels, marble in a paintball gun will greatly help. For one, it will not break, so when it hits the target, it will weaken or kill it instantly.

Secondly, marble doesn’t shoot far, making it easy to target the small pests at a closer range successfully.

However, you can only use paintballs to shoot at stray grizzly bears, which will scare them away. Simultaneously, the paintballs will not injure the bears, which classify as endangered species.

Cases of Using Paintball Guns with Marble

Several people have suffered the consequences of shooting marble using paintball guns.

The most recent case is that used by a man in Northern California during Donald Trump’s campaign. This was on October 17th, when Anderson, the culprit, opened fire using a paintball gun. At the rally, the protestors thought it was a joke, expecting to see paint all over from paintball shots. Read Full Story here

Surprisingly, Anderson, a 35-year-old, shot marble and incurred serious injuries on two people. He got charged for unlawful possession of firearms!

Then there is also a case in July 2020, where a 24-year-old motorist was enraged by a fellow motorist on the road. He positioned himself for a good shot, then aimed for the passenger’s side door.

With only three shots, the victim’s car was dented. Worse than that, one of the victims (the car had a passenger) suffered mental reliving of the scenario. He had to seek medical help!

The defendant claimed that he did not know that the gun contained marble rather than paintballs. Since there was no major damage done, he got nine months of community service, which was the least punishment for his crime.

So, basically, paintball guns used with marble are considered a deadly weapon, which attracts grave consequences.

Paintball Alternatives

In case you want more adventure with your paintball gun, marble will definitely not bring you a solution. Nevertheless, there are safe alternatives to paintballs, which will neither cause harm to the barrel nor to other people.

These alternatives include rubber balls and water balls, which are just as harmless as paintballs.

Other Unfavorable Alternatives to Paintballs

We already ruled out using marble in paintball guns, at least not for field play. Other alternatives that you should never replace paintballs with include real bullets, shells, rocks, and pebbles.

These unfavorable alternatives are so hard that they will damage your paintball gun barrel, but that’s not the main point. Using them could lead to gross injury, and in worst-case scenarios, death.

How far can a paintball gun shoot a marble?

Usually, the distance that the marble shoots will depend on the compressed gas’s volume and pressure. Nevertheless, the average distance is approximately 90 feet.

What else can a paintball gun shoot?

A paintball can shoot any ammunition that fits its barrel. This includes marble, rubber balls, water balls, pebbles, among others.

Do rubber balls hurt?

Yes, they do. However, their pain is just like that of paintballs, hence a perfect alternative for paintballs. They are preferred because they don’t explode, hence reusable.

Final Thoughts

To answer the question ‘can paintball shoot marble,’ you will need to rule out using marble for a sport. While a suitable fitting marble will shoot effectively from a paintball gun, they are not advisable. Actually, you may end up in jail before you know it!

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